QI Wireless Charger New Concept

QI Wireless Charger New Concept

 QI Wireless Charging: Just place down your smartphone on qi charger.Please remove the phone case during the charging.

. TPIS: It’s normal,While charging may cause higher temperatures.Suitable for 3-6.5 inch mobile phones with Qi enabled device.

. Sturdy Base: Car mount holder has a sturdy rubber base for holding smartphones.non-slip, compact build ensure simple and convenient charging.

Do you always feel very annoying while charging by plug in your phone as you drive?The good news is our new arrival–wireless charger,will change your daily life.So, What is wireless charger? It’s a device that allows smartphones to be charged without wires or plugs.

It’s a charging method by using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy over a short distance via a transmitter (charger) and receiver (phone). Just set your phone down on the transmitter and your phone starts charging.

And Qi is an interface standard that makes wireless charging possible for your mobile device which sets up by WPC(Wireless Power Consortium).

Now you can charging most phone with micro USB interface with this module,like Sumsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC,LG and so on.

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